Why is gambling addiction dangerous?

Most of them were men who could not give up gambling. But many women find themselves unable to stop gambling. In this article, we will refer to a gambler as “he”, but may simply be read as “she.”

1. Obsessed with Gambling

Gamblers who can’t quit gambling will walk, talk, breathe and gamble. He will tell stories about previous great victories. This often causes the size of the jackpot to be exaggerated. He regularly corners other people. Tell everyone about his latest plan or his superior strategy. He tends to use more than one form of gambling. Without being able to stop gambling online at the track or at Pocky. Even bingo and the lottery puts him under his spell. He lost interest in his usual activities and hobbies. Instead of becoming more and more obsessed with gambling

2. more and more

Just like drug addicts need ever-increasing doses to reach the same maximum level. Consequently, gambling addicts find themselves betting more and more – not for winning more. but to get the same points and excitement level

3. Can’t Stop

even if he wants But problem gamblers do not have the power to stop gambling. He became impatient and annoyed when he even tried to get over it. For gamblers, gambling is a way to escape from problems or relieve stress.

4. Concealment

Gamblers lie to family and friends – and sometimes even to themselves – about the amount of money they gamble to cover their dependence. meanwhile He boasted and exaggerated the magnitude of his victory. when confronted He denied that there was any problem. And he will get angry if people are pursued. Lying became a way of life. He withdrew from his family and friends. and even lied about where he was while gambling.

5. It depends

The gambler will start to rely on others to bail him out of the financial crisis. He regularly borrowed money from family and friends until their good wishes were exhausted. And they refused to lend me any more money. At least until he repays what he owes. Then mortgages and loans are refinanced. Bill still overdue cash life insurance Gamblers may initiate fraud and steal money to fund their gambling addiction.

6. Self Destruction

A gambler’s career is in danger. And relationships with family and friends are eroded as the passion for gambling intensifies. He felt ashamed and deeply guilty after gambling with grocery money again. And he will think or even attempt suicide because he feels helpless and helpless.

7. Loss of Control

The personality of the gambler gradually changed. He can control those around him because he can’t control himself. He can have a bad temper, on the contrary, find fault and manipulate. He blamed others for his financial problems. Refusing to take responsibility for his own actions

8. No Time

Problem gamblers tend to gamble during celebrations and special events. He spends his days gambling to relax. and in times of crisis to make yourself feel better He inevitably spent more time gambling than planned.

How can we help?

Friends and relatives had to stop allowing him to continue gambling by refusing to give him more money or bail him out of further crises. A gambler must realize that he has a problem before learning how to stop gambling. He had to bear the consequences of his bet. Then counseling and self-help courses can help.